"Dr. Schwartz’s role was transformational. We were referred to Dr. Schwartz by our wonderful neuropsychiatrist, when we needed a thorough neuro-psych evaluation to try to create a cogent understanding of the deficits that our son was dealing with. It was always challenging to encourage our son to attend and fully engage in this type of testing. I have to say that Dr. Schwartz was wonderful in her grasp of the emotional aspects of this type of test. She was so comforting, in fact, that my son was able to get to the task at hand and finish on an emotional high." – J.B., Parent

"Dr. Schwartz’s thoughtfulness, wisdom, and warmth feel instantly apparent." – B.B., Parent

"Dr. Schwartz brings a vibrancy and enthusiasm to her work that is infectious, and she deals with all people, from the most senior psychiatrist to the most troubled young child, with a style that is both down-to-earth and genuine." – Dr. Buxbom, Child Psychiatrist

"Dr. Schwarz’s sensitive analysis of my son’s disabilities finally provided our educators with the information they needed to allow our son to address his deficits and begin to flourish." – R.M., Parent

"We feel blessed that Dr. Amy Schwartz was assigned to our oldest son’s neurological testing case eight years ago. Since that time, "Amy" has been our family’s trusted evaluator and advisor for all academic decisions regarding not just our son but each of our four children! Through Amy, we have come to learn how valuable neuropsychological testing is and, more importantly, how incredibly skilled Amy is at administering the tests, interpreting the results and recommending to parents and educators the specific action steps necessary for a child to reach his or her academic potential. She has given us a clear understanding of how each of our children’s brains work and a "blueprint" of sorts for how to maximize their strengths and shore up their weaknesses. Neuropsychological testing should be the norm for all children as it provides a window on how they learn that is invaluable! – C.D., Parent

"Everything Amy has recommended has been spot on. We have followed her advice on all fronts and each of our children she has evaluated are thriving academically, socially and personally at their respective schools." – J.S., Parent

"We value Amy so much for her warmth, her lovely way with children and her sharp mind. She has taught us how important it is to test to "tease out" what the issues are for a child in a very thorough and methodical neuropsychological evaluation. I have recommended Amy to many friends who have been equally impressed by her keen mind and her warm heart." – C.D., Parent

"Dr. Schwartz conducts pediatric neuropsychological assessments with great skills and a well-developed capacity to integrate large amounts of complex information to form meaningful clinical and diagnostic profiles of children and adolescents. I have referred child patients of mine from my private practice to her for assessment. She invariably has performed assessments that are exceptional. Parents of my child patients have come to me after feedback sessions with Dr. Schwartz, and spoken glowingly about her thoroughness, clinical acumen, empathy, and warmth. Perhaps most important, my child patients themselves have without exception remarked on how comfortable they have felt in Dr. Schwartz’ presence and of how she made the evaluation process fun." – Dr. Anderson, Child Psychologist

"Amy came into our lives approximately six months after one of our three children first began attending kindergarten at our local public school. Our daughter has a mild to moderate, bi-lateral sensorineural hearing loss, wears hearing aids and uses an FM unit. She was not learning to read or write according to the manner and time frame in which all of the other full hearing children in her gifted and talented program were. Further, her teacher never communicated to us that there was a problem, so we were caught unawares when her teacher unceremoniously washed her hands of our daughter during the last face-to-face Parent Teacher conference for the year. She referred us to the school guidance counselor, who recommended that we have a neurological and neuropsychological evaluation done on our daughter, to put our fingers on what the issues were.

It was an excellent piece of luck that we went with the school’s recommendation for a tester, Amy Schwartz. It meant, because they knew her work and trusted her opinions, that they would take her findings seriously. (At the time, the school housed three different academic programs, one of which parents tended to "shop" for results from different testers and evaluators, including mainly neuropsychologists, in order to get certain DOE services for their children for free and qualify for double time on important state tests. As a result, the school tended to be skeptical of the findings of professionals it was not fully acquainted with.) This also meant that, realistically, we might not have a chance to shade or spin any of Amy’s findings, should we wish to protect our daughter’s privacy or our own, because inevitably the school would learn the results, given their open, forthcoming and productive relationship with Amy. We did not know what we would find, but we decided to trust Amy.

Amy is the full package. Besides being very personable, she has the training, experience and academic credentials to get the job done. In addition, her reports are very thorough and appreciated by professionals especially because they always include, at the end, useful and practical recommendations which parents, teachers and service providers can implement and refer back to for inspiration.

In our case, Amy discovered that our daughter had a learning disability behind her hearing loss: that it was not just her inability to hear the letters and sounds correctly the way her classmates did that was challenging her. It was also that she needed to learn how to read and write using a different approach. We immediately intervened with a specialized reading tutor who taught our daughter using the Orton-Gillingham approach. Now our daughter is a voracious reader (we have to literally pull the books out of her hands at night and force the light off, otherwise she will read until past midnight). Amy also uncovered the fact that our daughter is extremely bright, which is another kind of special need that must be provided for. We did a follow up neuropsychological evaluation with Amy at about the halfway mark through middle school, as our daughter matured, to confirm the original findings, measure her progress and answer some earlier questions that our daughter was too young, neurologically, before. Five years later, our daughter is applying to the very top middle schools. She is on her way, with very firm footing. In addition, as her parents, we know what her issues are as she begins to face life on her own. Amy continues to be very accessible to us whenever we need her, a hallmark of hers, which we greatly appreciate. We have already referred her to other parents to her and recommend Amy without reservation.

How do you thank someone who has brought you this kind of peace of mind?" – H.K., Parent

"Dr. Schwartz’s style instantly puts people at ease and she creates an environment where people are comfortable sharing and asking questions. She was our expert speaker for one of our kiddybites monthly parenting seminars. Dr. Schwartz responded to our members needs by creating and developing a detailed, well organized, engaging, and extremely informative talk on the "ERBs." Weeks after her talk, we continued to receive dozens of emails requesting her now infamous 17-page hand-out from that evening. We are already looking forward to Dr. Schwartz’s next seminar!" – Heather Ouida, Co-founder of kiddybites

"Few evaluators are as thorough and comprehensive as Dr. Schwartz, and I have worked with many…she develops a warm, friendly rapport with her students and is truly able to "read between the lines" in coming up with an accurate, well-thought-out diagnosis. I have recommended Dr. Schwartz to many families and will continue to do so in the future." – Dr. Emily Levy, Director, EBL Coaching

"Dr. Schwartz’s neuropsychological evaluation has provided me with enormous insights into the obstacles which interfere with a child’s ability to learn with ease. As a Speech-Language Pathologist already working with a child Dr. Schwartz has evaluated, I am able to appreciate her skill for making a child comfortable during formal testing in order to grasp the child’s strengths and difficulties. Dr. Schwartz’s clearly written analysis of her formal test findings has helped me to understand why I need to modify the speech and language intervention I provide for a child, and her specific recommendations have helped in directing my modifications. Dr. Schwartz’s use of additional specific recommendations for teachers and parents contribute to a coordinated effort to lessen the obstacles to learning for the benefit of the child." – Stacey Dumain, M.A., CCC-SLP

"Dr. Schwartz was incredibly thorough and provided me with a very detailed evaluation that really presented all of my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses. She was very accommodating and flexible with providing me with reports that I was able to submit to various people with specific goals in mind. Her fees given her thorough and very comprehensive evaluations were very fair and affordable. In addition, Dr. Schwartz’s recommendations section was very detailed and specific to my daughter’s learning style and issues and lastly, she was able to complete the entire process of testing and consulting in a very timely manner." – B.G., Parent