{ Consultation }

A consultation with Dr. Schwartz is a first step by which to gain a new perspective and to charter a path to maximize your child’s development. A consultation includes a face-to-face meeting with Dr. Schwartz to discuss your child’s situation and to offer guidance and recommendations for appropriate next steps. Dr. Schwartz can also review previous testing, school reports and other background materials.

{ Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation }

A neuropsychological evaluation will provide you with a thorough understanding of your child’s inherent strengths and weaknesses in order to best understand the challenges he/she child may experience in meeting developmental demands, as well as the strengths he/she child may call upon to compensate. The thorough evaluation is followed up with persuasive, useful recommendations and the formation of a plan to help your child succeed.

{ Ongoing Support }

Dr. Schwartz strives to build long-term relationships with families so that she can provide ongoing support throughout your child’s development. Once a plan is developed, individualized ongoing support is available to monitor progress and ensure the implementation of recommendations. Dr. Schwartz works closely with all those involved in your child’s care to ensure that every intervention is tailored to fit your child’s unique learning style.

{ Referral Services }

Dr. Schwartz has spent years developing relationships with various psychiatrists, therapists, neurologists, learning specialists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, tutors, and schools, and has an incredible network of warm, bright, and talented individuals to refer to.

{ Professional Supervision }

Dr. Schwartz offers customized professional supervision for psychologists in-training.

{ Workshops and Speaking Engagements }

Dr. Schwartz provides parenting support and guidance through engaging, informative and supportive workshops and speaking engagements.